A Natural Way to Control Insects.

Anti insect mesh: An effective way to control insects

anti insect mesh
It is not recommended to use chemicals to treat pests because it causes damage to plants and soil.

Growing crops naturally without the use of pesticides has always been the most preferred choice of organic growers. They value the option because through that means they can produce healthier and neater crops which are safe for human consumption. Pesticides have been traced to water, soil as well as plants. They have also been linked to some chronic diseases such as cancer.

Farmlands are not left out in the damage caused by pesticides. These chemicals can harm beneficial soil microorganisms, worms, and beneficial insect species, which can make it difficult for plants to grow well. These beneficial microorganisms and insects help to reduce pest population and also maintain soil health. When they are eliminated by the use of chemicals, it can affect the performance of crops and make the soil unfit to grow crops. There are many reasons why the use of chemicals is not the best option to grow crops. For crops like vegetables, it can cause the reduction of some major plant nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil. These two nutrients are essential to the growth of vegetable crops. For instance, nitrogen is essential for growing strong vegetables. On the other hand, phosphorus is essential for fruit production, early root growth, and respiration. So, with all these nutrients depleted due to the use of chemicals, plants will definitely not perform well. Therefore, since the aim of the grower is to increase yield, produce healthier crops and maintain the nutrient level of the soil for continuous cultivation, the use of chemicals to control insects and pests has to be abolished.

Protecting Crops from Insects Naturally

In the past, the idea of protecting crops from insects was impossible unless with the use of chemicals. But now things have changed, with new systems of protecting crops from plants available to growers. One of the most effective ways of protecting crops from insect attack is through the use of anti insect mesh. The mesh helps to keep insects from the plants from the time they were sown till harvest time. Growing crops in such a natural way is not only beneficial to the environment but also the farmer because it is cost effect and makes it easier for the grower to manage the farm.

Anti insect mesh is so tiny that it stops all sizes of insects. It stops even the smallest sizes of insects that can attack crops and cause damage. The mesh helps to prevent insects and pests such as aphids, leaf miner, thrips, and whitefly from coming close to plants. Anti insect mesh is used to effectively cultivate different kinds of flowers and vegetables. It helps to create conducive environment for plants to grow well.

Why organic growers prefer anti insect mesh to pesticides

anti insect mesh to pesticides
The anti-insect mesh has holes so small that it stops insects of any size.

Insect meshing is preferred by growers for a number of reasons. Apart from the fact that it eliminates the use of pesticides to control pests and insects, it is also environment-friendly and safe to use. The anti insect mesh is also durable. It is made of monofilaments that are produced with materials which are resistant to UV. It is also suitable for cultivating vegetables and flowers in nurseries and shade houses. The mesh is completely made from polyethylene material which is one of the reasons it is very strong to use outdoor. It is light and can also be laid on crops directly without causing damages.

The mesh is also available in different width and sizes. Growers can choose any size or type they want for their garden, to protect crops from insect attack. Although the mesh is thick it is still permeable to water. It allows water to pass through it easily to aid plant’s growth. In addition to protection against insects, the anti insect mesh also protects plants against the elements of weather such as hail, frost, heavy rain and wind. Another feature of the anti insect mesh is that plants get sufficient amount of sunlight even when it is used.